Digital and atomic design services to the emerging industries
of virtual reality and digital venues

About us

Post-Norm is a platform that uses mixed reality to render past-present-future experiences by blending the physical and digital worlds. With the latest technology in spatial mapping, cloud computing, blockchain, and machine learning, Post-Norm aims to expand human consciousness through innovation in the digital environment. Our team currently provides research and development services for tools, software, games, and applications to inspire others.

Digital Design (Virtual Reality)

Through a network of trained architects and designers, our studio creates virtual environments that offer quality experiences and add value to digital assets located in platforms, fostering new virtual worlds such as Decentraland, Sansar, High Fidelity, Oculus Rift-Quest, or others of similar virtual nature.

Atomic Design (Digital Venues)

Everything in the digital realm will occupy a space within the real/atomic world (i.e. computer servers, eSports events). The initiatives associated with this (offices, education, events) require expertise and specifications which are not tackled in the academic realm, thus there are few people sufficiently trained to design such spaces.

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We produce environmental design, building and surroundings, in search of experiences that add value to the users of virtual platforms and apps.

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